Dear photographers,

Local Testimony creates a central platform for the exhibition of contemporary photojournalism and documentary photography in Israel. The photographs in the exhibition present a unique viewpoint of the significant events of the year and special human stories that will become historical icons. As every year, the exhibition will be displayed alongside the World Press Photo exhibition.

Jury and curator 2018:

Ami Steinitz, the 2018 Local Testimony curator, was the curator Local Testimony in 2007 and 2008. He is a curator in the fields of art and social affairs, and member of the Local Testimony editorial board.

Members of the Jury:
Uri Gershuni, photographer, artist and lecturer
Dr. Debby Hershman, deputy CEO and curator of the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
Gilad Tocatly, director
Mark Yashaev, photographer and artist
Ilan Ityzhayek, editor-in-chief, Xnet website, Yediot Aharonoth
Yaakov Israel, photographer and lecturer
Vardi Kahana, photographer and curator of the Local Testimony exhibitions in 2014, 2015, 2017
Rina Castelnuovo, photojournalist and a film director

Monetary prize for winners:
The prize awarded to Photographer of the Year and Series of the Year will be NIS10,000 each.

Exhibition categories:
News, Society and Community, Religion and Faith, Nature and the Environment, Sports, Urbanism and Culture, Photographed Story, Video

Please prepare in advance for the submission of single photos and series according to the categories.

Precise editing of your photos will bear an effect on the quality of your choice and will save time when the Local Testimony website for submission of work will open.

Please note, the Instruction Guide for participation has been updated this year.

The link for uploading photos on the Local Testimony site will open on 15.8.2018 and will close at midnight 1.9.18. The 2018 Local Testimony exhibition will be displayed at the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. It will open on 20.12.2018 and close on 2.2.2019.

The exhibition catalogue:
As every year, a catalogue will be produced which will be presented to all the participant photographers.


The 2018 Local Testimony team

Dana Wohlfeiler-Lalkin, Initiative and management
Ami Stenitz, curator

Sandy Teperson, producer
Anat Kleiman, graphic design
Vardi Kahana, member of the editorial board